Recycling aluminum in Alba county

Recycling is essential for continuous development and this aslo allows us to preserve resources and reduce waste.

We decided that we can rationally use, through recycling, waste-ferrous, aluminum, respectively, for the reason that on this segment of our society work is conducted in the following way: buy from economic agents and population and process according to STAS effect required by our beneficiaries on the market.
Our company provides specialized containers for temporary storage of waste recycled aluminum loading and specialized transportation means suitable to transport recyclable waste.

Creating and promotiong recycled products is fundamental. Considering that aluminum is 100% recyclable, it is important for it to be recycled. Without losing its properties, aluminum can be recycled without losing quality.

How aluminum is recycled ?
The consumer throws away aluminum products. It is collected and transported to the recycling station. Here, it is sorted, cleaned and prepared for processing.
After processing, aluminum is melted down and then it is transformed in large blocks.

Aluminum blocks are then sent to factories and plants to be transformed in products.

So, in a short time and with little energy, recycled aluminum gets back on the market, in a new shape.