We are a group that aims to support social development and this reflects in all our day to day operations. We are constantly in contact with instituions, organizations and businesses and you can rest assured that we have what it takes to meet your every demand.

SC M.M. Industry was founded in 2000 and we're in the business of selling ferrous and non-ferrous materials, and our company has fully penetrated the metals and ferroalloys market.

Because of our ironclad ambition, since we started out until now, we have developed a powerful intangible heritage which reflects in a large database of permanent suppliers and clients, collaborations with powerful companies, solid reputation and solvability in our relationships with banks and partners.

To serve our clients, to satisfy their needs and to constantly improve the services we provide, we rely on the experience of our qualified personnel and our leadership.

Our team, our own warehouse and especially the motivation of our team ensure:
excellent management
competitive through excellence.